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An update to Grab’s concerns: A reply from Puspakom

Puspakom is replying to the statement released by Grab

In our previous article on Grab’s statement about industry regulation, Puspakom, in its reply, has stated that the agency is ready to inspect applicants’ car. With 56 permanent inspection centres and more, Puspakom says they have sufficient facilities for the task at hand.

The computerised vehicle inspection company said its existing vehicle inspection capacity, operation system, comprehensive infrastructure and extensive inspection network nationwide was ready to undertake the task. It said it had 56 permanent inspection centres, as well as a fleet of mobile inspection units and over 30 vehicle inspection visiting sites.

Source: The Star

A series of discussions have been made with relevant authorities on e-hailing vehicle inspection. In its statement, Puspakom corrected the estimation made by Grab that it would take up to 20 months to complete the inspection of vehicles in e-hailing in the country. Puspakom Chief Executive Officer Shukor Ismail also said that not all vehicles are required to undergo the inspection as the requirement for vehicle inspection is applicable to only those that are more than three years old.

“Some reports quoted say there are hundreds of thousands e-hailing drivers in the market, but not all e-hailing vehicles must undergo routine inspection – only those vehicles more than three years old are required to perform a routine inspection once every 12 months.In other words, the total number of vehicles that need to perform the required inspection could be less than the total number of the vehicles in the market,”

Source: Puspakom Chief Executive Officer Shukor Ismail, The Star

Shukor Ismail also said that Puspakom would organise activities that will include briefing sessions with e-hailing operators and drivers to help understand the inspection issue better. He invites vehicle owners to make an appointment at the website or app, and also mentioned that Puspakom is committed to completing inspections within an hour after a vehicle checks in.

“Our customers can make an appointment online at or via the MyPuspakom app before they visit their preferred inspection centre.

“Our customers can come for inspections at the scheduled date and time, reducing their time waiting at the centres.

“We are committed to completing an inspection within an hour from the time the vehicle checks in,”

Source: Puspakom Chief Executive Officer Shukor Ismail, The Star

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