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Is paintball still illegal in Malaysia?

Malaysia High Court has ruled out classification of paintball markers as firearms

Last month on 15th February, Malaysia High Court has ruled out police’s classification of paintball markers as guns which falls under the Arms Act 1960.  The case in question was filed by Eight Adventure Sports (EAS) co-owner Zulfika Dahalan on July 2 last year after disputing the seizure of paintball equipment. However, with the new ruling, equipment which was seized need to be returned within 14 days.

MPA deputy president Tunku Alizan Alias called the decision a crucial victory for the sport that had been nearly crippled by the police’s move to treat paintball markers as guns since 2013.

Source: Malay Mail

Malaysia Paintball Federation (MPF) has released its statement through its Facebook page, stating that all the ruling which were implemented on paintball markers according to Arms Act 1960 were no longer applicable to the owners and field operators. However, the new ruling doesn’t include types of marker style which are similar to real firearms.

Source: Malaysia Paintball Federation (MPF) Facebook

Previously, paintball markers were treated as a weapon according to the Arms Act 1960, whereby the owner and the field operators were required to register with the police and obtain a license that carried an annual fee.

Source: Ministry of Home Affairs Website

Markers must be registered with the police and licensed at a cost of RM50 per year. While the cost was not a major barrier, the licence was anecdotally difficult to obtain.

Those travelling with the markers were also restricted to using Malaysia Airlines and must pay RM200 per flight to carry them on board.

Source: Malay Mail

With the new ruling, the paintball community in Malaysia is hoping that the sport will once again gain its popularity as this sports industry suffered a severe blow when the equipment was treated as a weapon.

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