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FACES by Air Asia for domestic flight passengers to board without carrying boarding pass

Board flights without having to carry a boarding pass

AirAsia has introduced FACES (Fast Airport Clearance Experience System), a system which was introduced February last year. It is used in lieu of a boarding pass by passengers on a domestic flight from Senai International Airport, Johor. This system enables passengers to go past the automated boarding gates and board flights without showing or carrying any travel documents. How futuristic.

Previously passengers had to do a one-time registration of their faces at the airport, but AirAsia group chief executive officer Tan Sri Tony Fernandes announced that the enrolment can be now done on the official AirAsia mobile app.

Source: The Star

Passengers can now do a one-time registration of their faces through the official AirAsia mobile app. Being the first of its kind in Malaysia, AirAsia is proving to be pioneers in travel and technology, and this is backed up by the implementation of FACES. The process is further explained on Air Asia’s website.

Source: Air Asia

The technology incorporates the use of cutting edge biometric technology to authenticate passengers. This feature is available for passengers aged 18 and above, and upon expiry of identity documents, passengers need to update the enrollment record with new valid documents.

Upon expiry of the identity document, guests will need to update the enrolment record with a new valid document. Enrolled guests will also benefit from an expedited process at the security checkpoint, in addition to boarding the flight seamlessly.

Source: NST

Wah… this would make travelling so much easier but seems that it is still in limited use. Still, it is only a matter of time before others will adopt this system.

But how if the person’s face is different because of makeup? Is the biometric system canggih enough to detect? But then again, our passport must also reflect how we look like it, so don’t think it would be an issue. Or would it? Ah. Another question to be answered in another article.

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