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Wat?! Another heatwave? It’s gonna be hot till September #panas

Get ready for El Niño, people.

So apparently, according to our Meteorological Department (MetMalaysia), from May 2019 to September 2019, Malaysian should get ready for another heatwave brought on by the southwest monsoon which will end in September this year. Although thunderstorms will likely happen in the evening, MetMalaysia’s Director-General advised Malaysians to prepare themselves for dry and hot weather. Yikes!

The winds during the southwest monsoon period would lead to a drier climate and less rain cloud formation, its director-general Datuk Alui Bahari said. As such, heatwaves and dry spells are forecast to take place in many parts of the country.

Source: The Star

A few states are expected to receive less than average rainfall; below 150mm throughout the monsoon season. States that are affected are Johor, Melaka, Terengganu, and the coastal areas of Kelantan together with few areas in Sabah such as Sandakan, Kudat, and Keningau.

Source: MetMalaysia

In the report by MetMalaysia, there will be a 65% chance of the El Niño phenomenon taking place this coming August. However, it would not impact the country’s weather drastically compared to the period during the year 1996 and 2016.

Source: MetMalaysia

El Niño is a weather phenomenon in which sea temperatures in the equatorial Pacific Ocean rise, bringing dry weather and high temperatures to Malaysia. In 2016, Malaysia was hit with dry and hot weather due to El Niño. It had been reported in some places in Malaysia that there had not been any rainfall for almost a month and it had affected the farmers and the production in the palm oil industry.

The highlands which is synonymous for cool temperature has not seen rain for almost a month now and the effects of the El Nino has started to show. Farmer Kwang Woon Ting, 48, said the change in the weather has affected the vegetable farms and the fruit orchards in the Blue Valley.

Source: NST

Stay hydrated and cool during this heatwave season. Take in lots of water, have a small towel at hand. A wet towel on the head or neck is wonderful for cooling of in this hot season.


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